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About Centaline Finance

About Centaline Finance

About Centaline Finance

Centaline Finance Limited (“the Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Centaline Group, established on 28 December 2004 and registered as a legal moneylender in Hong Kong under section 163 of the Hong Kong Lenders Ordinance.

Centaline Group in Hong Kong in 1978, Centaline Group is a new and second-hand housing real estate brokerage, agency business, but also involved in consultants, property management, measurement and valuation, mortgage agents, asset management, investment immigration and other fields of large-scale integrated real estate services enterprises, in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Singapore, a total of 37 cities set up branches, business radiation to the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia and other cities, employing a total of 60,000 people across the region. At present, real estate brokerage agent industry is one of the more influential enterprises.

The Company relies on the Centaline Group, for property buyers directly to provide comprehensive, high-quality and one-stop mortgage loan services, in Hong Kong is the first. Where the Company’s mortgage lending services are superior to outside lending institutions is to give full play to the group’s advantages, work hand in hand with front-line real estate colleagues to build good relationships with guests, and gain in-depth knowledge and needs about buyers, to provide customers with more suitable mortgage products, and to give more flexible consideration to banks when approving loans.

The Company strictly complies with the Regulations promulgated by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data to ensure that guest information is protected.

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